DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Thu, 24 Jan 2019

A Comprehensive Review on Controversies In Immunisation Vaccination

Neethu J1*, Clinton Baby1, Avinash.M1, Akhil Babu1

1.Sreekrishna college of pharmacy


Childhood vaccination is our primary method to promote public health. Concerns and controversies about vaccination and vaccine safety had led some parents to decline recommended vaccination of their children 4.This study systematically reviewed the literatures on controversies in childhood immunization 2. The objective of our study is to assess the controversies and risk benefit ratio of vaccination from the available data 4.  Data resources were collected from existing articles, electronic citations and existing reviews. Supportive to some personal beliefs of parents and their trust to other systems of medicine like homoeopathy there are reports of ill effects of vaccines(poliomyelitis by oral polio vaccine, encephalitis by measles vaccine) . Some other disorders had also been reported with or without evidence. But most of the studies concludes that the benefits of immunization far outweighs risk. The risk of many diseases and mortality rate had decreased in present era due to vaccination. A dramatic example of the benefits generated by vaccination is evident in the context of diphtheria. During the 1930s an average of 61,000 cases of the disease were experienced each year in England and Wales, resulting in the deaths of approximately 3,000 individuals 3 .Studies shows that after taking immunisation ,during the first three years and nine months of the 1980s there were 15 notified cases of diphtheria and only one death. Poliomyelitis routine immunisation for infants has been pursued in England and in the 1980s only 10 cases of acute poliomyelitis have been notified to the authorities from an average of 2827 notified cases in 1956.  Educating parents about vaccine preventable diseases as well as the vaccines may be one of the ways to impart the importance of vaccines to the health of their child 1.

Keyword: Poliomyelitis, Acute encephalitis

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