DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Tue, 19 Mar 2019

Overview On: Bilayer Tablet Novel Technology For Oral Drug Delivery System

Pradhan Sonali S.*, Salunkhe Kishor S., Chavan Machindra J.

1.Department of Pharmaceutics,Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India.


The expense and complications in new drug entities have increased since last 3 decades, with concomitant recognition of the therapeutic advantages of controlled drug deliver. So focus has been given on development of sustained or controlled release drug delivery system. Bilayer tablet is new era for the successful development of controlled release formulation along with various features to provide a way of successful drug delivery system. Bilayer tablet is better than the traditionally used mouthwash, sprays, and gels. For promoting patient convenience and compliance pharmaceutical industries interested in developing a combination of two or more API’s in a single dosage form. Bilayer tablet is improves beneficial technology to overcome the shortcoming of the single layered tablet. Bilayer tablet can be a primary option to avoid chemical incompatibilities between APIS by physical separation, and to enable the development of different drug release profile using different technologies. So use of bilayer tablet is a very different aspect for anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Several pharmaceutical companies are currently developing bilayer tablet for a variety of reason: patent extension, therapeutic, marketing to name a few. To reduce capital investment quite often existing but modified tablet presses are used to develop such tablets. The present article provides an introduction of bilayer tablet technology, advantages, disadvantages, different approaches, types of bilayer tablet, various techniques, quality and GMP requirements of bilayer tablets.

Keywords: Bilayer tablet, different approaches, types of bilayer tablet press, bilayer tablet techniques, quality and GMP requirements of bilayer tablets.

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