DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Tue, 19 Mar 2019

Approaches To Transungal Delivery : A Review

Moon Aditya1*, Patil Rohit1, Sapkale Chaitanya 1, Sapkale Prabodh1, Fegade Tushar1, Deshmukh Tushar1

1.SES, Arunamai College of Pharmacy, Jalgaon


The nail is a horny structure nail plate is responsible for penetration of drug across it. The nail plate may appear abnormal as a result of decreased glow. Its involvement of nail bed , reduction of blood supply , physical or chemical features of nail bed . As a result variety of diseases occurs. These diseases can be cured by achieving desired therapeutic concentration of drug by drug delivery system. These nail diseases are widely spread in the population particularly among elderly and immune compromised patients. Oral therapies are accompanied by systemic side effects and drug interactions, while topical therapies are limited by the low permeation rate through the nail path. For the successful treatment of nail diseases the applied active drug must permeate through the dense keratinized nail plate and reach deeper layer, the nail bed and the nail matrix. The purpose of this work is to improve the understanding of physicochemical parameters that influence drug permeation through the nail plate in order to treat not only topical nail diseases but also to consider the possibility to reach systemic circulation and neighboring target sites. The purpose of this review is to explore the difficulties in penetration of drug across nail plate and enhancement of bioavailability of antifungal drug. Topical delivery of systemic therapeutics offers benefits but presents a greater technical challenge among the benefits first pass avoidance convenience and sustained release are most often coifed .Nail diseases like onycomycosis ,nail psoriasis yellow nail syndrome ,paraonychia and many more being cured successfully using medicated lacquers.

Keywords: topical drug , nail, transungal, nail penetration.

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