Sat, 22 Jun 2024

Open Access policy

The Power of Open Access in Research Visibility

Maximizing Exposure Through Open Access: Open Access empowers authors to attain maximum exposure for their work. Freely available papers garner more readership, citations, and impact compared to those accessible only to paid subscribers.

Experiment with Search Engine Results: Conduct a simple experiment by entering a research topic into a search engine like Google. You'll notice that most links lead to working papers rather than published ones because of the broader accessibility of working papers.

Financial Viability of Free Dissemination: The web's advent has made free dissemination of research both feasible and financially viable. Traditional journals, reliant on subscription sales for revenue, limit access to their published research. This limitation contrasts with the broad availability of freely accessible content.

Challenges of Existing Journals: Existing specialty journals, reliant on subscription revenue, are unlikely to transition to Open Access. This underscores the need for new refereed Open Access journals to replace and revolutionize the existing system.

The Role of Open Access Journals in Communication Study: Establishing a major Open Access journal in communication study can pave the way for similar journals across various sub-fields and specialties. This move aims to empower the profession, reclaiming full control over the accessibility of research output.

A New Norm for the Profession: Our vision is for the establishment of Open Access journals to become a new norm in the profession, where all research is freely available, fostering greater collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Join us in shaping the future of research accessibility and impact through Open Access.